Studying Tips for New Mamas

If you think studying is hard, try it while being a full-time Mama! Although I love being a new mama I still am also a part-time college student. Finding the time to study for class has become somewhat impossible but I have come up with a few (very few) ways to make it somewhat possible now. Here are 5 tips (& 3 bonus tips) I’ve come up with for new mamas trying to find time for all that time consuming homework! 

  1. Study when your little one(s) are sleeping. Yes, this might mean late night study sessions, so make some coffee!
  2. Catch up on your reading assignments while you feed your little one! New breastfeeding mamas have the advantage here since they have one free hand available to turn pages, type on a computer, or to take notes.
  3. Do Tummy time with your little one! Use tummy time to your advantage too and lay down with your little one with your books infront of you. Your little one will play on the ground around you. This might only work for 20 minutes but hey, anything helps!
  4. Let your little one watch TV in the morning. Right when he/she wakes up, turn on their favorite cartoon. This will allow you about 20-30 minutes of study time! 
  5. Study with another Mama! Find a fellow classmate or student in general that has a little one you can schedule a play date/study session with! The kids will distract each other so both of you can study!

These next studying tips cost some money but spending the $20-$40 might just save your grade!

  1. Get a babysitter for even just a couple hours! It can be costly, but it may just save you from getting a bad grade on a quiz or help you finish writing that paper! 
  2. Take advantage of on campus daycare! Some college campuses offer daycare at a really low cost! It’s worth checking out!
  3. Buy a bouncing toy! I mentioned in a review about this amazing toy! It’s keeps your little one distracted for at least 20-30 minutes, sometimes even longer! 


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