Crazy Baby Inventions I Would Never Buy

These lazy (but kinda awesome) parenting inventions probably are making these people rich! WOW. Here are the top inventions I thought were hilarious and crazy and would never actually buy for my kid from BuzzFeed Parents article 13 Futuristic Baby Products That’ll Make You Realize You Had It Rough As A Kid by Krista Torres


(Featured Image) The iPotty. $33.99 – The New Bathroom Magazine for Kids (and Parents)

My son’s father would get more use out of this then my little one would. What does this teach kids? They will end up wanting to be on the toilet ALL DAY!!!

sub-buzz-7958-1486676742-1 Smartbe. $3,199- The Lazy Parent’s Stroller

Not only is it way too expensive (I got my stroller for $25 at a baby hand me down store) but what if I trip and fall? What if it malfunctions? What if it takes off with my baby? LOL No Thanks.

sub-buzz-25961-1486668674-1WhyCry Baby Crying Analyzer. $138 – Baby Interpreter

This might sound cool…for a parent that hasn’t learned what their own kid needs or is just plain retarded and needs someone (or something) to tell them what to do. LOL Someone should make a parody with this! Saturday Night Live????

sub-buzz-28071-1486672924-3 DDiaper Baby Talking Pee And Poop Alarm.

$28.74 (each) – For Parents With No Senses Alarm

This is for all parents who can’t smell a dirty diaper, or feel a heavy diaper, or hear the fart and poop sounds their baby makes (wait then they wouldn’t hear the alarm to be able to know if there baby went to the bathroom)!



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