Babies and Tummy Sleeping

So, Danny (My little one) is 7 months and he loves sleeping on his stomach now all of a sudden. It freaked me out the first few times he rolled over to sleep on his tummy, so I decided to do some research (I love doing research ha). I found a really good article on that made me feel way better about it.

As new parents, we all have been overwhelmed with the facts and concerns about SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome, in case some of you don’t know). I’ve always been told never to let your little one sleep on his/her stomach until I read this really informative article.

Here are some facts from the article. 90% of SIDS happens in babies 6 months of younger. The peak time for SIDS to occur is between 1-4 months. As long as your baby has “been enjoying playtime on his tummy during the day, can hold his head up well, and can roll from his tummy onto his back again by himself” there is a very small need to worry.



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