I’m so grateful to be sober 

If it wasn’t for my son I’d probably still be an addict. I found out I was pregnant literally the very day I decided to get clean (what a coincidence). And I’ve been clean ever since.

Staying clean so I can be the best mommy to my little one is the only real thing that makes sense to me. Having the fear that CPS (child protective services) could take him away from me isn’t worth the few hour high to me. Losing Danny would not only be the worst thing that could happen but also really embarrassing. I’m so grateful I’m sober today so I can be the best mommy I can be to him. 

A “friend” of mine decided it would be ok to use (never around her little one though) and take care of her son. We all warned her what could happen if CPS found out and got involved. Now she is having to learn the hard way, again! Out of respect I’m not going to share any details. I just hope everything works out for her and her family. 

When I found out about her troubles, I rushed home to be with my son. It just makes me SO GRATEFUL TO BE SOBER.


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